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Lynnhaven Campus

Our Lynnhaven campus is home to many Grace Bible Church members, attenders, guests and ministries each week. We love seeing how God is using our facility to create inviting and engaging environments that believers and non-believers alike both find comfortable.

As we have grown, it has become obvious that we need to make a change to our parking lot areas. There is only one entrance/exit at our Lynnhaven campus, which can create a lot of traffic on Sundays, especially at the 9 and 11am services. Being FOR the 757, we want to make it easier for our neighbors and attenders to have a smooth traffic pattern as people enter and exit the campus.

Project Updates

  • Summer 2019-The Virginia Beach City Council has decided to defer action on our request for permission to build the road as it involves crossing the railroad right-of-way that was formerly planned to be used for light rail.  Council has told us that there are various options under consideration for alternative use the right-of-way, and that granting us permission to cross (and other property owners who might do the same) may limit those options.  In the meantime, we have worked with Virginia Beach police officers to speed up the egress process from Ansol Lane on Sunday mornings, and we hope you’ve noticed the improvement!  

  • Spring 2019 - We are currently working with the City of Virginia Beach to create a brand new entrance/exit off the back, west side, of our property and hope to have approval from the city later this year.

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