Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some common questions you or those you lead may have regarding what FOR the 757 is all about and how anyone can participate.


For too long the church has been known for what it is against. We want to be known for what we are for. We are FOR the 757!


A generosity initiative is a way to fund God’s vision for the future of a church by increasing our generosity above and beyond our regular giving.

Churches practice giving in this way because it allows everyone in a church be in the right mindset to partner together to accomplish God’s greater plan. Further, knowing how much money will be given to fund the project enables churches to better plan and accomplish the vision God has given them.

Being a participant in a generosity initiative gives the people of the church an opportunity to step out in faith and trust God in a big way with their finances and the future. This is a tangible and practical way for everyone to be part of growing God’s Kingdom.


Being FOR the 757 is not a new direction for our church. For the last 27 years, our church has been built on the grace of God found in Jesus Christ and a belief that God’s grace changes lives. And God’s grace is FOR the 757. We have confidence that by being FOR the 757 many people will come to know God and become followers of Jesus. God is FOR the 757, so we are FOR the 757.


God continues to draw people to himself through Grace Bible Church in a way that is maxing out our current facilities at both the Lynnhaven and Norfolk campuses. This generosity initiative will fund a larger and permanent home for our Norfolk campus and the first phase of our Strawbridge Campus.

  • Goal #1: To show our community that Jesus is FOR the 757.

  • Goal #2: To raise $5 million over three years:

    • New Strawbridge Campus

    • New Norfolk Campus

    • Lynnhaven entrance/exit road

  • Goal #3: To have 100% of our church participate financially in this initiative.


We see our facilities (buildings, infrastructure, environments, etc.) as a tool to invite others to come to know Jesus. It’s important that people feel there is place for them at Grace Bible Church; from the parking lot to the auditorium to NextGen and more.

By creating comfortable and practical buildings and environments that unchurched people love to attend, we are able to leverage these assets as tools to draw in others to learn more about Jesus and know God is for them. Over the years we have intentionally chosen a minimalist design that maximizes how far the money given is able to go.


The total cost of both projects is about $9 million. We have already raised about $1.5 million of that and hope to raise another $5 million through the generosity initiative. This will leave us with an additional $2.5 million of debt.

The best way to think about this is a home mortgage. Many of us buy homes so that we can begin to build equity, and one day no longer have a house payment. We practice conservative budgeting practices to ensure that we don’t build more than we can afford.

  • PLEDGE: Fill out a pledge card (either paper or online) toward this project. Pledges are crucial in this process because they allow us to base future decisions on the amounts pledged.

  • GIVE: Bring your gift any time on a Sunday morning or give a gift online.

  • SETUP A RECURRING GIFT: Click here to setup a recurring gift to continue to give to through the duration of this project (2022).


Grace Bible Church is one church with multiple locations. We are united under God’s Kingdom and by our shared mission to lead people in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and see God’s grace changing lives. Even if you don’t attend or live in the areas of town we are expanding our presence, it’s still of eternal importance that people come to know God. We are FOR the 757 and our community.

Additionally, by opening the Strawbridge Campus we will free up several hundred seats at our Lynnhaven Campus, and our hope is that the new entrance/exit will alleviate much of the congestion.


Be vocal! If someone asks about the generosity initiative, talk to them about it. Share your experience regarding how you are participating and encourage others to also take ownership of their role in being FOR the 757.

If compelled to do so, share our social media posts regarding FOR the 757 or post on social media yourself about this project God has placed in our hands.


Being FOR the 757 isn’t possible without you. Anyone associated with Grace Bible Church has something to offer by being FOR the 757 and spreading this positive message outside of our doors. You offer so much by simply engaging your sphere of influence to share in our vision for the future and stepping out in faith to financially contribute.

Here are other ways to participate beyond contributing financially:

  • PRAY: Pray that God would move in big ways during this time and that through being FOR the 757, others would come to know God.

  • ATTEND & INVITE: Come to church and invite your friends to come get to know how Jesus is for everyone.

  • SHARE: Talk publicly and be vocal about what Grace Bible Church is for. We are FOR our schools, families, the next generation, hurting people, meaningful relationships and so much more.

  • SWAG: Wear and use any FOR the 757 gear proudly!