For too long the church has been known for what it is against...

We are
FOR the 757!

For too long the church has been known for what it is against. Grace Bible Church wants to be known for what we are for.


We Are FOR Our Schools

Local schools house every conceivable social issue that is present in our community. As Grace Bible Church serves our schools we help everyone win. Currently, we have volunteers serving weekly in six different schools in the 757, and we have a strong presence in over 20 additional schools through programs like Fill a Bag Feed a Family and the Giving Tree.

We Are FOR Our Community

God has called us to step outside the walls of our church and meet the needs in our local community. Grace Bible Church loves the people of Hampton Roads and actively seek ways to partner with various organizations to share the love of God. Once a month we gather for Serve the City and participate in projects with our local community partners. We are FOR the 757 and seek opportunities to serve and engage with our neighbors.


We Are FOR Parents, Kids, Students and Families

Our NextGen ministry is partnering with hundreds of parents week after week to help the next generation know, love and serve Jesus. But, there are still so many unchurched kids, students and families across the 757 that are looking for a place to belong and experience the love of Jesus.

We Are FOR Hurting People

Through Celebrate Recovery (CR) there are hundreds of people finding freedom from the hurts, habits and hang-ups of life. CR is available to anyone, not just members of Grace Bible church. In CR, families can break the cycles of dysfunction and experience restoration. Addiction, abuse, depression, codependency, grief, PTSD and a host of other issues plague the 757, but in CR there is a place to find healing through Jesus.


God’s Grace

Can you imagine the life change that is possible throughout the 757 if everyone knew that God was for them AND that a local church that was for them within 15 minutes of their home?


Take ActiOn

Let’s Accomplish These Three Goals:

Goal #1:

To show our community that Jesus is FOR the 757.

Goal #2:

To raise $5 million over three years:

  • New Strawbridge Campus

  • New Norfolk Campus

  • Lynnhaven Campus entrance/exit road

Goal #3:

To have 100% of our church participate financially in this initiative.